Thursday, 5 July 2012

Walking Talking Bubbling Girly

Cute Baby Ciaran

We are so blessed to have Ciaran for our daughter. I can't express how much she means to us and how she is the perfect fit for our family. If I could have created my very own genetic mold for a daughter it would have been her!

She is so fun loving, bubbly and spontaneous - all features we love. She can fill a room with joy in mere seconds and brings laughter to all around her.

This is an ode to my daughter; because more and more she is filling my heart with magic.

She is able to tell us her colours - her favourite one being PURPLE. She knows animal sounds - loves making a MOO sound. She can count to ten with a bit of assistance getting past TWO. "One, two, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine TEN!" She loves Elmo, Georgia and Chee Chee and makes me tear up with her vast vocabulary and verbal explosion. Georgia is her dolly she named when she was only one year old. She is always by Ciaran's side for her adventures and nurtures her like no other.

Ciaran - you make Mama and Daddy so proud each and everyday. You are so very smart, learning more and more as days go by. You love singing, dancing, and listening to your favourite songs - and never ever forget the words. When we are driving in our car you say we are constantly hearing, "Next song Mama!" "Turn it up Dada!" "Dance, Dance!"

We love watching you dance and swirl and hope you always remember to dance your way through life! We love you so very much!


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